Our Team


Gail Frezados Office Manager

Packaging Consultant With over 17 years in the packaging industry, Gail’s experience ranges from corrugated print to national distribution and warehousing as well as corrugated manufacturing. She has served as a consultant and project lead for national accounts, advising clients of cost effective and high impact options for their distinctive promotions. As part of the Skyline team, Gail collaborates with the sales and marketing departments to present our clients with packaging that will perform optimally and exceed expectations.


Erica – Business Development Manager / Packaging Consultant

Erica represents Skyline as a Business Development Manager and Packaging Consultant. She presents a unique blend of creativity and operational expertise that helps bring Skyline to a new level. Erica started off as a sales intern from Western Illinois University where she received a Bachelor’s of Business in Marketing, a role which she gained an in-depth understanding of the packaging industry.

Throughout Erica’s time at Skyline, her role has advanced into her current position bringing new cost-effective, creative solutions to life. She collaborates with other account executives, packaging engineers to develop the best custom packaging solutions for our clients, while maintaining balance between the marketing and sales department to meet project goals


Dawn Souliotis – President

When Dawn began with Skyline shortly after development in 1990, she understood the corrugated packaging industry instantaneously. She is responsible for receiving current packaging quotes with the goal of lowering costs and improving client profitability. While in search for new packaging designs, she also maintains warehousing operations to make sure all orders are being released and ready for shipment.


Ron – Sr. Sales Executive

Ron has been a valued member at Skyline Box and Packaging since 1993. As senior sales executive he has extensive experience in the packaging industry providing excellent service to long-lasting clients.

Dawn’s personality has given her the ability to build and maintain relationships over the years. She invest heavily on her clients and employees, which in turn makes Skyline a go to distributor for corrugated packaging.

What’s New

Skyline Box and Packaging - Warehousing Company in Mokena, IL

E-Z Shipping Box

This reusable container ships complete with its own attached pallet. One person set up in just seconds – decreases labor hours and lead times. Call Skyline for more details about how the E-Z Shipping Box works with your projects and shipping.